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Aluminium and Copper Bond
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HY-POXY® ALUMBOND® - Aluminum Putty Repair Kit

H-45 2 oz. (56.8 grams) Repair Kit
ALUMBOND® was specifically formulated to be used in HVAC applications for the repair of air conditioning system components, aluminum castings, machinery and equipment ALUMBOND® also can be used for repairing pipes, radiators, tanks and engine blocks. It hardens to a gray metallic mass and adheres soundly to almost every material except for polyethylene. ALUMBOND® is unaffected by water, oil and gasoline and widely used by professional tradesman worldwide

HY-POXY® ALUMFAST® - Rapid Cure Aluminum Putty Repair Kit

H-55 2 oz. (56.8 grams) Repair Kit
ALUMFAST® is a fast curing repair kit used for aluminum and copper pipes, valves, models, patterns and castings. HY-POXY® ALUMFAST® can be machined, sanded, drilled and tapped which makes it a popular choice for automotive, plumbing and HVAC repairs.

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